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Redeemable codes, coupons and other.

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Post by IceCold » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:09 pm

When it comes to redeemable codes or coupons, same as accounts, you can get scammed very easy. Make sure that the member you are buying or selling to is trusted, otherwise use a trusted middleman.

When you are trading a code , use these abbreviations in your title :

Selling code = S>Code name
Buying items = B>Code name
Trading items = T>Code name

Be sure to provide what the code or coupon is for so that people do not get confused. If the code/coupon is only for a selected region, include it at the end of your title.
Example :
S>Spotify premium 3 months coupon
B>WoW Game card 60 days (North America)

This will help people see what you are after.
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