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Oldschool runescape(OSRS) - how to train defence while SEMI AFK

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Oldschool runescape(OSRS) - how to train defence while SEMI AFK

Post by IceCold » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:40 am

Runescape is a popular game for many, since the game was a part of many players' childhoods. This game declined when the update for RS3 came, because many players loved the game for it's nostalgic graphics and simple game style.
Jagex then made a very good decision , to create an alternative, Old school runescape. It would be like the game was before the big update. OSRS became a hit, and thousands of players are enjoying the game everyday.

However, grinding in this game is very click intensive and requires a lot of attention. I created a guide on a method of defence training that many players use, because you can be semi-afk while training.

To see the guide, click here
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